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Getting Started SPM5

Step by step launching of SPM5

This page explains how to get SPM-5 started at the BCNI network.


  • Set up a VNC server

  • Set up a puTTy tunnel, and log in (to open the tunnel)

  • Run VNC viewer

  • Run matlab

  • Add a path to SPM 5

  • Run spm

Step by step

To set up a VNC-server see Getting Started with Linux

But before you can connect to a VNC-server (from most computers, which are outside the firewall) you first have to make a tunnel in Putty. You only have to set a tunnel up once (but you must run puTTy every time you log in to the VNC session).

To make a tunnel use the info/output you get from puTTy after you've typed in the command:

'vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1280x1024'


new: 'bcni0:4'
log file /home/um207/.vnc/bcni0:4.log

write down the 'bcni0:4' You will need this to make a tunnel.

Open puTTy. Write down in Host Name:'bcnc.psychol.cam.ac.uk' In the Saved Sessions section type in something like: 'BCNI-VNC' and press “save”. Now go to the Tunnels in the Catergory (left panel, SSH)

In Source Port type in: 5901 In Destination type: bcni0:5904(04 because (bcni0:4) in this case it's the 4th desktop, it will start at 5900; a new number for each 'new' desktop)

Then press 'add' you will see something like this

L5904 bcni0:5904

Go back to session and make sure you save the tunnel by pressing 'save' and that you've saved it in the 'BCNI-VNC'

After you've done this go to your VNC-viewer. It will ask for a Server. Type in: bcni0:4 (localhost:number) Then it will ask for your password, use the password you've also used in puTTy

Once you are in the VNC-viewer press your left mouse 'button' and choose 'run program...'

Then type in: 'matlab'

To go to spm5 you first have to make a new path by typing: 'addpath /usr/local/spm5'

note this can be done using the startup file, rather than typing it in every time. See MATLAB Startup.

Then type in: 'spm'

and spm5 will open.

more details

For more discussion see SSH Tunnels in Putty and MATLAB Startup