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Forms and Leaflets

Application Form and Leaflets

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Remote DesktopHow to connect to Remote Dekstop pdf  (odt) pdf  (odt) N/A
Linux Computer NetworkHow to connect to BCNI using VNC Choose one at random
bcni13: pdf  (odt)
bcni14: pdf  (odt)
bcni15: pdf  (odt)
bcni16: pdf  (odt)
Using WinSCP to upload data to BCNI

pdf (odt)

[sftp version: pdf (odt)]

Using BCNI Grid N/A N/A pdf (odt)
REDCapUsing cURL pdf (odt)
Stata pdf (odt) N/A N/A
SPSS pdf (odt) N/A N/A


BCNI Resource Application Form

Please request the form from your project management unless they tell you to download from here. We designed the form to be customized by project management to suit the need of the project. In particular, we might have special arrangement with them with reference to how we handle resource access for the project.

Click here to download the standard application form (pdf) (odt version).

Note: Users from institutions where BCNI had agreed to share a resource with will be handled the same way as BCNI members for the resource concerned.


You will need your CRSid, i.e. the username part for your username@cam.ac.uk email address. All members of University will get it automatically. External users should apply for one by signing the Visitor Agreement and supply a CV. You can do that via your University of Cambridge partners.

You should supply all information and gathers all required signatures, leaving only the row labelled with "For Official Use" empty. Failure to do so will mean processing of your request will be delayed or the form returned to you.

Please scan your form and email it to the contact person listed on the form.

If you need to amend your access rights, for example your access duration had expired and you need an extension, please use the same form. You will only need to list the amendment required. However, you will still have to get all authorization signatures.

All access are time limited to the duration of your association with the BCNI project(s).

After access is granted to the resource, you will need to ask individual project owners for access to their data. Please contact the owner of the relevant project and ask them to add you to their project access list.


Resource Information

Remote Desktop: Microsoft Window Server delivered over the internet. It is designed to help project members share project data and to host Personal Data (as defined by Data Protection Act) only. We have a Cohort Management System/CMS that uses MS Access form interface with MySQL backend accessible via Remote Desktop. It is NOT to be used as a substitute for personal desktop. 

Linux Computer Network: A network of Linux computers with the distinction of having a very big data storage system. It is designed to host and analyze MRI data. Accessed via PuTTY and VNC.

REDCap: Designed to host research data, particularly data normally stored in spreadsheets. It can store the occasional small files (<500KB each). Only anonymized and de-identified data permitted. Not to be used to host MRI data. 

XNAT: (New, Testing) A web-based server designed to collect and organize DICOM data, particularly MRI data.

Support Policy

Your first port of call is the project management team. They will handle all your equiries including escalting them to the appropriate resource contact as need be.


Terms and Condition

Remote Desktop:

  1. I will only use Remote Desktop for storing project data. I will NOT use it for day-to-day computing work. 

Linux Computer Network:

  1. No person or persons shall use BCNI computer facilities without a BCNI User Account.

  2. Every allocation of BCNI resources shall be made on the understanding that it is to be used only for the purpose for which it was requested and only by the person to whom the request was made. Passwords are not to be shared under any circumstances.

  3. No person shall connect hardware to the BCNI data network without proper authority.

  4. No user of BCNI shall, by a willful or deliberate act, jeopardize the integrity or security of

    BCNI hardware, system programmes or other store information.

  5. Every person authorized to use BCNI facilities shall be expected to treat as privileged, any information not provided by or generated by him or herself, which may become available, by their use of BCNI. No such information may be copied, modified or disseminated or used in any part without the permission of the appropriate person or body.

  6. Not person shall download, disseminate or otherwise transfer personal data (including scanner data) without due authorization, and where authorization is given, the transfer is to be done on the understanding that it is done in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

  7. If any person is believed to be in breach of the above rules, their BCNI account will be disabled, and the breach will be reported to the appropriate Department or Faculty disciplinary hearing

You have:

  • Read and agree to abide by the above rules concerning the use of BCNI Computer facilities

  • Read and agree to abide by Information Strategy and Services Syndicate (ISSS) Rules(http://www.uis.cam.ac.uk/governance/information-services-committee/rules-and-guidelines )

You agree to work in accordance with the user guidelines published in the BCNI Computing Committee Minutes, or issued by the BCNI System Administrators. 


  1. You agree to cite REDCap in all my publications which use REDCap.

  2. You will not publish any publications created by which discuss REDCap and its methodologies, functionality, and/or abilities without first consulting REDCap creator 

For Project Owner

Who can apply for access to the resource

To use BCNI resources, your project must have a BCNI collaborator who is at least a PI on the project. It is (s)he who applies for BCNI Resource.

We do have agreement with other University of Cambridge department which allows them to use our resource. In these cases, we will treat their members as BCNI members as agreed as far as the resource is concerned.

How to apply

Remote Desktop: Please contact Professor John Suckling. 

Linux Computer Network: Please contact Dr Ian Luff to setup a project space.

REDCap: Please contact Professor John Suckling. You will also need to fill in a REDCap Project Application Form (pdf) (odt version). Please note that REDCap requires you to cite it on ALL publications.

XNAT: Please contact Professor John Suckling. 

Customizing Resource Form

We envisage that for medium and large projects, we will ask project owner to customize the BCNI Resource Form.

Customization of the form are normally done for one of the two reasons:

  1. There is a need to reroute the form for more efficient processing.
  2. The project resource need is complex. It is better to specify the exact name of the resource on the form than to rely on users to write them down.

To allow us to find information we need on the form quickly, we cannot allow the form to be changed except in the designated parts. We recommend that you keep to the single page limit if possible.

The four designated parts where modification is permitted is

  1. The table cell containing words “Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute” at the top of the form. You can replace it with anything but please do not change the size of other content.

  2. The title “BCNI Resource Application Form”. We recommends replacing the word BCNI with the acronym for your project.

  3. The middle table where each resource is listed. You can replace the table with any design that best suit your project need provided

    1. You do not change the overall layout of the form.

    2. You keep the words Linux, REDCap, Remote Desktop (use short form RD or CMS as appropriate) and XNAT as they are used to identify the resource you need.

  4. The person who the form is to be sent to.

    1. We operate on the rule that if the person listed here is not Dr Derek Matthews we will write a simple email to the him/her to inform him/her that the user is added to site access list for REDCap and XNAT. The reason is the project owners will have to add the user onto the project space to access the data after we grant the user access to REDCap and XNAT.

    2. We can ask you to nominate a contact person who will help us vet the user before sending the form to us. In this case, we will ask that all forms from your project to be sent to the person for initial vetting. This person will normally a member of staff for the University of Cambridge. 

Support Policy

You must be the first port of call for your users on any issues. We need you to deal with the day-to-day user support yourself. We will, however, help you with tougher issue or if we think the issue is not what we can reasonably expect you to do. 

We do not support all possible operating systems. In general you should expect that no mobile or tablet device is supported.

We also do not support all functions that the software offers.