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How to Use the BCNI Calendar

Calendar Display Options

The BCNI calendar is easy to use web-based calendar. By default it displays the events of the current month but it can also display the current or any other year, week and day. To change the view, please select your option using one of the View options that can be found under the calender.


Calendar Categories

The calendar's default view shows all categories but can display the events for one category only. To see the event of one category click on the link Category at the bottom left corner of the page under the calendar. A dialog box will appear and the category can be selected using the pull down list and pressing on the View button in the dialog box.


Adding Events (Making a room booking)

Rooms at the BCNI can be booked using the calendar.

Please check that the room is available for the time that you wish to book. The calendar application does not check this for you!

In order to book a room:

  1. go to the calendar

  2. Click categories (the bottom of the page), then select the room from the list that appears.

    • You should now be see bookings for that room only.

  3. Click Login (bottom right of page). Use the username bcni and password RoomBooking to log in.

  4. Each day now has a 'plus' sign - you can click this button to add an event, or just click 'add event'.

  5. Complete the booking details (include start and stop time) and click on Add Event

    1. The booking must include a title, category (the room to be booked) and a description.

    2. Please identify yourself on the booking, so that we can contact you if there is a problem.

If you wish to draw attention to e.g. a seminar or other event that would be of interest to BCNI members, feel free to add the event according to the instructions above, in the Generalcategory.

In order to delete a booking:

IMPORTANT - Do NOT delete events or bookings that you did not post. If you feel you have a pressing need to use a room which is already booked, please contact the person who has booked the room, or contact Tanya [mailto: bcni-admin AT psychol DOT cam.ac.uk]. Deleting of other events will be regarded as abuse of the computing facilities and we will be very very cross, and we would have to restrict the access to the booking system

  1. go to the calendar

  2. Login as detailed above

  3. click on the event you wish to remove (you may need to click on 'read more')

  4. in the new window which pops up there will be 'copy event' and 'delete event' links. Click once on the delete link and again on the link reading 'confirm delete' to remove the booking.

NOTE: if the event was booked by someone with a different user login the delete option will not be offered.

If you can't delete an event you 'own' for some reason, you can post a 'cancelled event' asap (to show other people the room is free) and ask the calendar administrator (Ian Luff) to remove the one you could not delete.

Guidelines for Booking Rooms

(particularly for studies using testing rooms 1 and 2)

In your Calendar entry:

  • Please include a regularly checked email address or contact telephone number so you can be contacted with regards to your booking.

  • Please note whether you will be using the room resident paceblades for your booked slot. Other studies may be able to make use of them if you are not.


  • Many people use the testing facilities so please be considerate with respect to the amount of time you book. 

    The following ideas were agreed as kind of clarification of 'reasonable / considerate' use:

    1) the rooms are a shared resource - in general, please be considerate to the fact that others will be wanting to use / book rooms. Booking a room for an extended block of time for your convenience is not generally considerate - unless you need to.

    2) please do not book a room for a whole morning/afternoon/day if you will only be using it from e.g. 10am, or will be free at 4pm, will be taking a lunch break. Be as precise as you can - some people may only want the room for 1/2 an hour...

    3) please do not book a very large proportion of the available slots in the test rooms for an extended period (e.g. several consecutive full days in one room, several days of both rooms simultaneously) unless there is a particular reason (a visiting collaborator, particular equipment that needs to be setup, etc.)

    4) in general, 'wanting to finish your study quickly' is not really a good reason for block booking a large amount of time! In general, so does everyone else.

    • If you do need to block book a large amount of time, (e.g. to get a large amount of data collected in a particular interval because of some immovable deadline...) please e-mail the 'bcni-postgrad' and 'bcni-postdoc' lists and explain why...

  • Please try to be reasonably certain that you will find a subject for a testing slot before you book it. It is a waste of resources to have the rooms sit booked but unused.

  • If you no longer need to use a room you have booked, or it is highly likely you will no longer need to use it, please delete your booking as soon as possible. Someone else may be able to use the room at that time, even at very short notice.