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Juliette Tobias-Webb

Juliette Tobias-Webb

Office Phone: (3)33560


I am a second year PhD candidate from the University of Cambridge.  Originally from Australia, I completed my undergraduate and honours degrees at Bond University and investigated alcohol’s (acute) influence on executive function. Subsequently, I worked as a Research Officer at the Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney. I also recently completed a one year research placement at the Centre for Gambling Research at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

I am fortunate to be funded by the Cambridge Australia Poynton Scholarship.


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Lyvers, M., & Tobias-Webb, J. (2010). Effects of acute alcohol consumption on executive cognitive functioning in naturalistic settings. Addictive behaviors,35(11), 1021-1028.

Departments and Institutes

PhD Candidate

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in how people make decisions and how rewarding situations or substances influence these decisions. My current PhD topic focuses on two aspects of gambling: gambling related cognitive distortions (i.e. irrational beliefs about the likelihood of winning) and interaction recreational alcohol use and gambling behaviour. I am also actively involved in behavioural science/economics groups across the UK