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Camice Revier

Camice Revier

PhD Student

Office Phone: +44(0)1223 336958


My PhD research into the nature, extent and prevalence of social recovery in psychotic illness began in April 2016, following completion of an MPhil in Medical Science (Psychiatry) 'Contrasting Symptomatic and Social Recovery in Psychosis', University of Cambridge. My first degrees are a BSc in Molecular Environmental Biology, with a concentration in Environment and Human Health, from University of California Berkeley and Associate of Science in Environmental Studies and Science from City College of San Francisco (Higher Honours).

Departments and Institutes

PhD Student

Research Interests

Currently I am designing a study based on secondary analysis findings of two, large clinical epidemiological datasets (the MRC ӔSOP Study and the Department of Health National EDEN Study) with follow-up information on the course and outcomes of people suffering from psychotic disorders for the first time. Data from these and other sources suggest that recovery is possible but varies among the three primary domains, social, symptomatic and personal. My earlier work suggests some predictors of social recovery worthy of further investigation into the extent to which they are causal and tractable through early intervention services. Most work to date has focused on the determinants of poor outcome; this work in contrast focuses on very good outcome and how it might be fostered.


  • psychiatry


Key Publications

Revier C, Reininghaus U, Dutta R, Fearon P, Murray RM, Doody GA, Croudace TJ, Dazzan P, Heslin M, Onyejiaka A, Kravariti E, Lappin J, Lomas B, Kirkbride JB, Donoghue K, Morgan C,  Jones PB (2015), “Ten-Year Outcomes of First-Episode Psychoses in the MRC ÆSOP-10 Study” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 203(5):379-386  http://journals.lww.com/jonmd/Citation/2015/05000/Ten_Year_Outcomes_of_First_Episode_Psychoses_in.12.aspx