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Dr Manfred G Kitzbichler

Dr Manfred G Kitzbichler

BIODEP Research Associate

Office Phone: (7)64676


2013 - present   University of Cambridge   Cambridge, UK
2007 - 2010 Post-doctoral research associate at the Behavioural and
Clinical Neuroscience Institute
In close collaboration with Prof Ed Bullmore study of meta-
stability and dynamic complex networks in the human
brain using fMRI, MEG, and other data modalities.
2010 - 2013 Harvard Medical School & Mass General Hospital   Boston, USA
Post-doctoral research fellow at the Athinoula A. Martinos
Center for Biomedical Imaging
Study of dynamic functional networks in autism with Profs
Martha Herbert, Tal Kenet, and Matti Hamalainen. Applica-
tion and development of source-space MEG techniques.
2003 - 2007 Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics & LMU   Munich, Germany
Doctor Rerum Naturalium ”Magna cum laude” (PhD)
International Max-Planck Research School on Astro-
physics under the supervision of Prof. S.D.M. White

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

My current research focus is dynamical connectivity on the macro scale, mainly using MEG but also fMRI. Below is a short video illustrating the changes in brain network configuration during a working memory task with two different levels of difficulty. The network is more segregated in the easy condition (left) and more integrated when the task is demanding (right):

More versions can be found here which also provides further explanation and a link to the corresponding publication.

Key Publications

Kitzbichler MG, Khan S, Ganesan S, Vangel MG, Herbert MR, Hämäläinen MS, Kenet T (2014), “Altered Development and Multifaceted Band-Specific Abnormalities of Resting State Networks in Autism.” Biol Psychiatry

Kitzbichler MG, Henson RN, Smith ML, Nathan PJ, Bullmore ET (2011), “Cognitive effort drives workspace configuration of human brain functional networks.” J Neurosci 31(22):8259-70

Kitzbichler MG, Smith ML, Christensen SR, Bullmore E (2009), “Broadband criticality of human brain network synchronization.” PLoS Comput Biol 5(3):e1000314

The full list of publications can be found at Google Scholar.