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Hannah Jongsma


I started by PhD in the epidemiology of psychotic disorders in October 2014, after completing a Masters in Public Health with distinction. I also worked in health policy and hold an MSc in Philosophy & Public Policy.  

My PhD consists of three elements: a meta-analysis on the incidence of psychotic disorders across six countries (completed), computation of incidence rates from the EU-GEI study across Brazil, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, and analysis of case-control data from the EU-GEI study.  The latter will focus on developing a measure of otherness, designed to capture the extent to which ethnic (and other) minorities differ from the majority population. It will then be tested if this measure is modifying the relationship between ethnic minority status and the higher incidence of psychotic disorders. 

The EU-GEI study is a European gene-environment interaction study in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. 

Departments and Institutes

PhD Student

Research Interests

I am interested in the epidemiology of psychotic disorders, particularly in the role of the environment and social risk factors. I am also interested in philosophy of epidemiology (although this is not included in my PhD). The overlap in environmental and social risk factors between psychotic disorders and the major physical burdens of disease (predominantly cardiovascular disorders) is also of interest to me.