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Michael Hart

Michael Hart

PhD candidate, department of psychiatry

Honorary neurosurgery registrar


I completed my medical degree in Edinburgh together with intercalated honours in physiology. After completing foundation training in the south east of Scotland, I moved to Cambridge to undertake specialist training in neurosurgery. In 2014, I successfully applied for a PhD on translating advanced connectome methods to neurosurgical scenarios. 

Departments and Institutes

PhD candidate

Research Interests

Resolving the dichotomy between effective resection of focal lesions and preservation of brain function is a fundamental goal in neurosurgery. To achieve this, I have started a PhD on brain mapping under the supervision of Professor John Suckling.

Resting state functional MRI allows identification of complex brain networks which can then be interrogated with graph theory analysis. We are using a dataset of healthy adolescent controls to study normal development as a proxy for plasticity. With this information we hope to create a network model to guide surgical resection of focal lesions: this model will encompass both the tolerance of the network to focal perturbation but also its potential for dynamic or 'plastic' reconfiguration to restore function.


Key Publications


Hart MG, Ypma R, Romero-Garcia R, Price SJ, Suckling S. Graph theory analysis of complex brain networks: new concepts in brain mapping applied to neurosurgery. Journal of Neurosurgery, in press.

Hart MG, Price SJ, Suckling J. Preoperative Brain Mapping in Neuro-oncology With Graph Theory Analysis of the Functional Connectome. Neurosurgery 08/2015; 62 Suppl 1, CLINICAL NEUROSURGERY:211. DOI:10.1227/01.neu.0000467103.14559.ad