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Dr Nuria Doñamayor Alonso

Departments and Institutes


Key Publications

Yousuf M, Heldmann M, Göttlich M, Münte TF, Doñamayor N (in press). Neural processing of food and monetary rewards is modulated by metabolic state. Brain Imaging and Behavior.

Doñamayor N, Baek K, Voon V (2018). Distal functional connectivity of known and emerging cortical targets for therapeutic noninvasive stimulationCerebral Cortex, 28, 791-804.

Doñamayor N, Strelchuk D, Baek K, Banca P, Voon V (2018). The involuntary nature of binge drinking: Goal directedness and awareness of intention. Addiction Biology, 23, 515-526.

Mechelmans DJ, Strelchuk D, Doñamayor N, Banca P, Robbins TW, Baek K, Voon V (2017). Reward sensitivity and waiting impulsivity: Shift towards reward valuation away from action controlInternational Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 20, 971-978.

Baek K*, Doñamayor N*, Morris LS, Strelchuk D, Mitchell S, Mikheenko Y, Yeoh SY, Phillips W, Zandi M, Jenaway A, Walsh C, Voon V (2017). Impaired awareness of motor intention in functional neurological disorder: Implications for voluntary and functional movement. Psychological Medicine, 47, 1624-1636.

Lu M*, Doñamayor N*, Münte TF, Bahlmann J (2017). Event-related potentials and neural oscillations dissociate levels of cognitive control. Behavioural Brain Research, 320, 154-164.

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Doñamayor N, Dinani J, Römisch M, Ye Z, Münte, TF (2014). Performance monitoring during associative learning and its relation to obsessive-compulsive characteristics. Biological Psychology, 102, 73–87.

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