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Rose Cooper

Rose Cooper

PhD student

Office Phone: (7)64428

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Autism is associated with deficits in episodic recollection but preserved semantic memory. Specifically, individuals with autism have difficulty mentally reconstructing the context in which they originally saw a particular stimulus or experienced an event, for example. My research focuses on the cognitive and neurological basis of this deficit. I aim to dissociate the aspects of recollection that are impaired, study encoding and retrieval mechanisms this lead to diminished episodic memory, and to study the brain mechanisms that underpin these differences in autism, which, currently, is unknown. 

Key Publications

Cooper, R. A., Plaisted-Grant, K. C., Hannula, D. E., Ranganath, C., Baron-Cohen, S., & Simons, J. S. (2015). Impaired Recollection of Visual Scene Details in Adults With Autism Spectrum Conditions. Journal of Abnormal Psychology