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Iulia M. Comsa

Iulia M. Comsa

PhD student in Clinical Neurosciences

MRes in Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics

BSc in Computer Science

Departments and Institutes

Clinical Neurosciences:
PhD student

Research Interests

My research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of brain states at the boundary of consciousness, such as the process of falling asleep, clinically impaired consciousness, and sedation. My methods include graph theory analysis of connectivity networks, mainly obtained from EEG recordings.

Other topics I am passionate about include brain-computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, and the hard problem of consciousness.


Key Publications

Comsa IM, Bekinschtein TA, Chennu S (2018), “Transient Topographical Dynamics of the Electroencephalogram Predict Brain Connectivity and Behavioural Responsiveness During Drowsiness” Brain Topogr 

Comsa IM, Grosan C, Yang S (2013), “Dynamics in the Multi-Objective Subset Sum: Analysing the Behaviour of Population Based Algorithms”Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Optimization Problems (Chapter 12) 288-313.

Vaduvescu O, Popescu M, Comsa I, Paraschiv A, Lacatus D, Sonka A, Tudorica A, Birlan M, Suciu O, Char F, Constantinescu M, Badescu T., Badea M, Vidican D, Opriseanu C (2013), “Mining the ESO WFI and INT WFC archives for known Near Earth Asteroids: Mega-Precovery software”Astronomische Nachrichten 334:718-728.