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Dr. Anat Arzi

Dr. Anat Arzi

Visiting post-doc

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Consciousness is a central aspect of our experience of the world. The neural fingerprint of this experience, however, remains one of the least understood aspects of the human brain. No agreement has yet emerged on which aspects of brain function underlie its presence, and what changes are connected to its disappearance in the healthy brain, and in pathological conditions as disorders of consciousness. 

I am interested in how the human brain represents and processes information in the absence of conscious awareness. In order to elucidate the common principles of processing under loss of consciousness, I use EEG, fMRI and intracranial recordings and focus on three different states: sleep, sedation, and disorders of consciousness. By comparing conscious and unconscious processing I aim to identify brain activations associated with conscious awareness, or in other words, aim to uncover a neural fingerprint of consciousness.


  • neuroscience
  • cognitive

Key Publications

Perl, O.*,  Arzi, A.*, Holtzman, Y., Samnon, P., Hairston, I.S., Oksenberg A., Secundo L., and Sobel, N. (2016). Odors Enhance Slow-Wave Activity in Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. J Neurophysiol. Feb 17:jn.01001.2015. doi: 10.1152/jn.01001.2015 * These authors contributed equally to this work.

Arzi, A., Holtzman, Y., Samnon, P., Harel, E., Sobel, N. (2014) Olfactory aversive conditioning during sleep reduces addictive behavior. J Neurosci. 34:15382-93.

Arzi, A., Rozenkrantz, L., Holtzman, Y., Secundo, L., Sobel, N. (2014) Sniffing patterns uncover implicit memory for undetected odors. Curr Biol 24:R263-264. 

Arzi, A., Shedlesky, L., Secundo, L., Sobel, N. (2014) Mirror sniffing: humans mimic olfactory sampling behavior. Chem Senses 39:277-281.

Arzi, A., Shedlesky, L., Ben-Shaul, M., Nasser, K., Oksenberg, A., Hairston, I.S., Sobel, N. (2012) Humans can learn new information during sleep. Nat Neurosci 15:1460-1465. 

Arzi, A., Sobel, N. (2011) Olfactory perception as a compass for olfactory neural maps. Trends Cogn Sci 15:537-545. 

Arzi, A. *, Sela, L.*, Green, A., Givaty, G., Dagan, Y., Sobel, N. (2010) The influence of odorants on respiratory patterns in sleep. Chem Senses 35:31-40. * These authors contributed equally to this work.