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Editing your profile

Getting Started

  • Log in to edit your profile through the button at the top right-hand corner of your profile page.
  • Click on the Edit tab to view the pages that can be edited.
  • Move between the pages using the Next and Previous buttons (bottom of page).
  • When you have made the changes, click on the Save button (bottom of page).
  • Click the Cancel button (bottom of page) if you would like to scrap the edits you have just made.

Basic Information

Image The image should be a standard jpeg, in rgb mode, with a resolution of 72dpm. Any size of image can be used. Simply upload the jpeg by clicking on Choose File and navigate to the image file stored in your own file system. If you are replacing an existing image, select “Replace with new image” and then click Choose File and navigate to the new file.

Professional Information

A few of the boxes on the Professional Information page allow you to format text and add images and hyper links. If you hover over the edit icons in the editing bar, you will see helpful tool tips. 

If you are cutting and pasting information from another document, please use the “Paste as text” option in the editing bar to strip out any formatting.

To add a link to your text, select the relevant text. This will cause the link icon (a chain-link) to become active.  Click on the chain icon, and then select the type of link you would like to add (Internal, External, Email, or Anchor). Paste in (or in the case of internal links, navigate to) the link address and click OK.

Websites Add URLs of sites that provide additional information about you or your research.

Keywords Keywords appear on your profile page as a list of bullet points.

Look through the tag list and check the items that are most appropriate for you.  If there is an area of research that is not covered, please ask  to add it.

To remove a keyword, uncheck the tag in the “Select from existing tags” box.

Other Collaborators You will need to ask to add collaborators who do not have a profile on the site.

Contact Information

Please fill in the Email and Office Phone boxes.

Further Help

Contact Lorraine Coulson lsc25@cam.ac.uk.