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Margaret Westwater


I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. Paul Fletcher as a part of the NIH-Oxford Cambridge Scholars Programme. My research training began as an undergraduate Neuroscience major at George Mason University, where I assisted functional MRI research of stress and cue reactivity in women with bulimia nervosa. Prior to undertaking my PhD, I completed an MPhil in Medical Science (Psychiatry) with Prof Fletcher, and I examined the combined effects of age and body mass on cortical thickness in overweight adolescents and adults. Currently, I am using multimodal neuroimaging and integrative physiology techniques to assess the role of gut hormones, brain structure and cognition in patients who suffer with binge eating. 

Departments and Institutes

PhD Student


  • psychiatry
  • neuroimaging

Key Publications

Fischer, S, Wonderlich, JA, Breithaupt, LE, Westwater, ML, Crosby, R, Engel, S, Thompson, JC, Lavender, J, & Wonderlich, SA. (2017). Impact of the neural correlates of stress and cue reactivity on stress related binge eating in the natural environment. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 92, 15-23. 

Westwater, ML, Fletcher, PC, & Ziauddeen, H. (2016). Sugar Addiction: The state of the science. European Journal of Nutrition, 55(2), 55-69.